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Math Team Coach - Tracy Deschaine

Orono Middle School participates in the Eastern Maine Math League Competition series. All students in grades 6-9 are encouraged to get involved. Meets are held three times per year with the fall and winter meets held at OMS and the spring meet held during the school day at Eastern Maine Community College. To help sharpen their skills, practice tests and answer keys are e-mailed to students to help them practice released items ahead of time.

The following is the format of a typical math meet:

25 min.- Individual Round- 20 open-ended questions. 15 one-point questions and 5 two-point questions. NO CALCULATORS!

15 min.-Special Round- 5 questions worth three points each, completed by the individual. CALCULATORS ALLOWED!

25 min.-Team Round- 8 questions worth 5 points each, shared by a team of 4. CALCULATORS ALLOWED!

Individual meet awards are presented following each meet. Awards for the year, including school, team, and individual awards, are awarded at the end of the spring meet. These awards include plaques and ribbons for individual and team accomplishments. Each year the top performing school receives a traveling trophy.