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The mission of Orono Middle School is to provide an environment in which each individual may acquire the skills and attitudes that allow healthy, intellectual, emotional, and physical development, promote academic excellence, and build the love of learning and self-confidence necessary to actively participate in and contribute to the community.

Orono Middle School teachers incorporate instructional best practices into their classes, designed to inspire and support all learners. To tailor learning experiences that match the Maine Learning Results and Common Core standards, strategic plans, with measurable goals and action strategies, guide teacher decision-making about curriculum where the focus is on student achievement.

OMS is committed to building student awareness and broadening skills for the future. Realizing that technological aptitude is essential for 21st century learners, RSU26 provides every student in grades 4-12 with 1 to 1 laptop access through the state MLTI program. Integrating technology with Maine's Learning Results and Common Core standards engages students and empowers teachers. Students work cooperatively to demonstrate their understanding of core concepts, finding out about the world around them while creating multimedia presentations and employing the responsibilities of digital citizenship. This use of technology establishes a connection beyond Orono, which helps students picture themselves as members of a global community.